Public Access Toys

These toys are intended to give others around you the ability to vibe your RL Lovense toys without any question from the wearer.  There is only a limited amount of options given to the toucher as to what they can do.  They will activate the special functions of the RL toy that is connected.  It will control all toys connected as one, ie. sending vibe will vibe all toys currently connected.

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Features :

  • Controls all current Lovense toys including the "MISSION" & "FERRI".
  • Supports multiple vibrating intensity levels.
  • Supports special functions, ie. Patterns, Suction, Rotation.
  • Status messages to ensure you know what is going on, most of these are for the wearer only.
  • Full SSL communication utilising Lovense communication servers NO NEED FOR ANY PORT FORWARDING OR SPECIAL ACCESS.
  • Free updates & Support.
  • NEW - Vibration sound on activation user selectable
  • NEW - Animation on activation user selectable


Setup Instructions :

➀ Install Lovense Connect App (PINK ICON) on your mobile device

  • Lovense provides a thorough guide for connecting your toy.
  • You need to use the Lovense Connect App (PINK ICON) with the Lush Toy. its a pink icon, and will only work with your mobile device as you need to scan in the QR code


➁ Wear the toy

  • Click on the toy in the menu provided click on "QR Code".  This will send a request to the Lovense servers via SSL/HTTPS to generate your personal QR Code.

SettingsQR Code

When the code is ready you will get a link as a notification you will need to click on that and open to get your QR Code to scan with the Lovense Connect app (PINK ICON).  You should only need to do this once as it will link your Lovense Connect app with the range of toys that OAD sells.  You will only need to re-generate your QR Code if it gets removed from your Lovense Connect app.

  • Then click "Connect". This will link the inworld toy with the Lovense Connect app (PINK ICON). You will need to do this every time you want to link the inworld toy with your Lovense Connect app.

You will get status messages from the toy letting you know that its trying to connect, it will also tell you what toys that it has found and their current battery levels.  If it tells you that it can't connect please ensure your using the correct app and that you have scanned in the QR Code.  


From this point on anyone including yourself will get in the base menu options for Vibe levels, special functions, times.  The wearer of the toy will also have a "Settings" menu item.  This will allow you to turn on/off things like Hovertext, Animation, Sounds and Advertising.  So go ahead you know that you want to play, send a vibe or two ;)

One thing to note that after about 40 times that you get vibed the toy will automatically trigger the "Connect" function again to get the current toys and battery levels.

Menu Items :

Normal Menu

Main Menu

  • Low, Med, High, Ultra - These are the intensity for the vibrator.
  • Times: 2, 5, 10, 20, 60, 120 - This will cycle through these times and it will be how long it will vibrate before stopping.
  • Settings - For the wearer only

Depending on what toy is connected you will get some of the following options.

  • Lush, Hush, Ambi, Edge, Domi, Osci, Mission - Choice of 3 built in preset patterns.
  • Nora - Rot Low, Rot Med, Rot High - How fast it will rotate and vibrate.
  • Max - Suc Low, Suc Med, Suc High - How tight it will make your max and vibrate.

Settings Menu

Settings Menu

  • Hovertext - If your wearing the hovertext receiver attachment, it will open the hovertext menu.
  • Advertise - It will send a local chat every 5 minutes to let people around know that you have a toy on that can be controled.
  • Animation - On/Off this is if you want your avi to play the animation when you get vibed.
  • Sound Off, Sound Low, Sound Med, Sound High - This will cycle through and will set how loud the vibration noise will be when you get vibed.
  • QR Code - This will send a request to the Lovense Servers for your personal QR Code to scan into your Lovense Connect App (Pink Icon)
  • Connect - Connect the toy with your Lovense Connect App (Pink Icon)

Hovertext Menu

Hovertext Menu

  • Status - Dispay vibing status, ie. when someone touches your toy and it vibrates you ON/OFF
  • Toys - Display currently connected toys ON/OFF
  • Colour - Allows you to change the colour of the hover text.
  • Text - Change the message, will open a text box for you to input what you would like it to say.

Hovertext Receiver Attachment

Included in with the toy now is a hover text attachment.  By default it attaches to skull however you could add it to any point you wish.
It is mod/copy so feel free to move the receiver script out and into another item if you so wish.  Please note that the receiver only has a range of a few meters and will only listen to the owner of the object.
**PLEASE NOTE**  If anyone touches the hovertext object it will pass the touches to your toy.  This means there is more chance of it getting touched.  I know its awesome right :D**


As of this version you can change the RL Toy that the inworld toy will control. 
It can be any of the current Lovense Toys - NORA, MAX, LUSH, HUSH, AMBI, EDGE, DOMI, OSCI, MISSION
Just edit the included notecard, then drag it into your toy.  You will have to hold down CTRL to do it as the toy is no mod.
The command in the notecard needs to be Toy=(TOY NAME)
You can use ALL to control all connected toys, this is the default setting
It will then read the notecard and set the toy accordingly.
*** PLEASE NOTE - it will only read the first toy setting line ***

Troubleshooting :

If your toy stops responding or won't connect check out the following to get back to the fun.

  • Don't send commands too quickly, depending on where you are Secondlife could be laggy in sending the commands to your toy.
  • Lack of free URLs.  To communicate outside of Secondlife the toys require the use of one URL per AVI.  These are a finite resource limited by region.  If the toy isn't able to reserve a free URL it will not function.  You'll need to release at least one URL or request that the parcel owner do it.  Failing that change regions and try again.
  • Make sure that you're using the correct app.  It needs to be the Lovense Connect App (PINK ICON) app use the following links to get it

  • Additional support please send an IM to Rhiannon Pond and I'll endeavour to help you.  Try to be as detailed as possible, including the troubleshooting steps that you have done.
  • Special requests / Ideas if you have anything that you would like to see added or changed, don't hesitate to contact me and I'll take it on board.  You may see it come through as an update.