This HUD is designed to give you full and separate access to your RL Lovense toys.  You will get a slider for each type of toy that you have connected. ie. If you have two lushes connected only one lush slider will display but will control both. Each toy type slider will have access to any of the special functions that the toy has, eg. Patterns, Rotation and Suck. If you have more than one toy attached or using an "EDGE" toy you will also have an single slider that will control all the vibrators in all the connected toys as one.

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Features :

  • Controls all current Lovense toys including the "MISSION".
  • Supports all vibration settings in all toys, separately or as one.
  • Supports special functions, ie. Patterns, Suction, Rotation.
  • Status messages to ensure you know what is going on, most of these are for the wearer only.
  • Full SSL communication utilising Lovense communication servers NO NEED FOR ANY PORT FORWARDING OR SPECIAL ACCESS.
  • Free updates & Support.


Setup Instructions :

➀ Install Lovense Connect App (PINK ICON) on your mobile device

  • Lovense provides a thorough guide for connecting your toy.
  • You need to use the Lovense Connect App (PINK ICON) with the Lush Toy. its a pink icon, and will only work with your mobile device as you need to scan in the QR code




➁ Wear the HUD

  • Right-Click on the toy in your INV and click ADD, by default it attaches to TOP RIGHT.  However you can change the point to anything on the right hand side since the HUD slides in from the right.
  • Click on the QR Code Icon in the HUD, this will send a request to the Lovense servers via SSL/HTTPS to generate your personal QR Code.


HUD Off QRCode

When the code is ready you will get a link as a notification you will need to click on that and open to get your QR Code to scan with the Lovense Connect app (PINK ICON).  You should only need to do this once as it will link yo ur Lovense Connect app with the range of toys that OAD sells.  You will only need to re-generate your QR Code if it gets removed from your Lovense Connect app.

  • Click on the Power Icon in the HUD, This will link the inworld toy with the Lovense Connect app (PINK ICON). You will need to do this every time you want to link the inworld toy with your Lovense Connect app.

You will get status messages from the toy letting you know that its trying to connect, it will also tell you what toys that it has found and their current battery levels.  If it tells you that it can't connect please ensure your using the correct app and that you have scanned in the QR Code.


When it is all connected and ready to go the toy sliders will come in from the right side of the screen and you will have direct control to your toys.  

Remote Options :

  • By default the HUD will have the remote option disable and it will be coloured RED.
  • Clicking on the Remote icon will cycle through the options.
  1.  HUD Red Remote  RED - Turned off.  The HUD will not respond to any remotes or inworld objects.

  2.  HUD Blue Remote  BLUE - The HUD will respond to your partner remote and inworld objects automatically.

  3.  HUD Yellow Remote  YELLOW - As above but will also respond to requests from OAD The Multi Remote, though you will have to approve the connection.

  4.  HUD Green Remote  GREEN - The HUD will respond to any requests automatically, you will only get notified when someone connects.

  • When someone connects to your HUD the remote icon will turn HUD Purple Remote PURPLE.  You will receive notification via chat letting you know who has connected and now your HUD will not respond to any further requests from remotes until they disconnect.
  • If someone is connected you can press the Remote icon and it will ask you to confirm that you want to disconnect.  Then the Remote icon will return to the state it was in prior to being connected to.

ONE THING TO NOTE : With a remote connected it will no longer react to inworld objects. 

Both the remote and your HUD will display the current toys and the levels to allow you both to control the toys.  They can also disconnect from your HUD by pressing the Power icon.

Sliders & Patterns :

HUD Lush Slider

  • For each toy type that is connected you will get a control HUD slide in from the right to control it.
  • Each of these depending on what toy it is will have a combination of a slider or two, pattern or rotate button.
  • These will activate your toys.
  • The slider will activate your vibe all the way at the bottom will turn it off and max at the top.
  • The patterns will activate the unique inbuilt patterns in the toy, and depending on the toy firmware installed etc. will dictate if all will work or what it will be.
  • If you have more than one toy connected or are using an "EDGE" toy you will also see an additional slider on the left by itself.  It will activate all connected toys vibes at that level.

PLEASE NOTE : If you use a pattern the sliders will automatically return to the bottom and overwrite the current vibe level and vise-versa if you have a pattern going and move the slider it will turn off the pattern as well.

If you have a Partner Remote connected it will also reflect what your HUD is doing and allow them to change it.

Partner Remote :

  • Included in with OAD The HUD is a Partner Remote HUD.  To get started you will need to REZ this inworld.  This will set it up to communicate with your HUD and as mentioned above will control when you have your remote on BLUE or above.
  • This remote is given to you in a COPY & TRANSFER permission.  This is to let you give a copy to anyone that you would like to have control of your HUD.
  • PLEASE NOTE - When your HUD is BLUE or above it will AUTOMATICALLY accept the connection request, so ensure that you're happy with who you give it to.
  • PLEASE NOTE - It is HIGHLY recommended that you set COPY & NO-TRANSFER on the remote before you pick it back up and put in your inv.  This will allow you to pass it out but the people that you hand it out to will not be able to.


Rhiannon Pond and OAD will not accept any responsibility for any issues caused by not setting these permissions first.

  • The Partner Remote operates the same way as the HUD and when connected will reflect whatever changes are done in the main HUD.
  • Connecting to the main HUD from the partner HUD is as simple as pressing the Power ICON.
  • PLEASE NOTE - The system has a default operating range of 20m, this is to help lessen the risk of griefing. 

Multi Remote :

  • This operates the same as the partner remote, but its not coded to your HUD.  This means that it can be used to control any HUD that is in range.  You will have to have your HUD  on remote level yellow or above for your HUD to be visible to them.


  • If your toy stops responding to controls, follow these steps to get back to the fun as quickly as possible.
  • Don't send commands too quickly, depending on where you are Secondlife could be laggy in sending the commands to your toy.
  • Lack of free URLs.  To communicate outside of Secondlife the toys require the use of one URL per AVI.  These are a finite resource limited by region.  If the toy isn't able to reserve a free URL it will not function.  You'll need to release at least one URL or request that the parcel owner do it.  Failing that change regions and try again.
  • Make sure that you're using the correct app.  It needs to be the Lovense Connect App (PINK ICON) app use the following links to get it



  • Additional support please send an IM to Rhiannon Pond and I’ll endeavor to help you.  Try to be as detailed as possible, including the troubleshooting steps you've done.
  • Special requests / Ideas if you have anything that you would like to see added or changed, don't hesitate to contact me and I'll take it on board.  You may see it come through as an update.

--- REMOTE API ---

  • There is one available if you wish to script inworld objects to control the HUD.  If you would like to know more or have access this don’t hesitate to contact me.