Tip Jar Remote

Adds an additional trigger option for the OAD Tip Jars or Tip Jars installed with the OAD Lovense Plugin.
Will send a HUD to the tipper when triggered so they can directly control the users connected toys.
The HUD allows each toy to be controlled separately or all at once.
Only connected toys will display on the users HUD, and it will auto detach when the timer runs out.
It will also detach once the they are too far away from the Tip Jar, and the jar will also terminate the control.

You can still tip the jar while being directly controlled, the jar will queue the tips till the control is finished.

Remote HUD

Easy installation utilising OAD's install orb system.
Free updates just rez your install orb and it will automatically check for updates and send one if required.
Once installed just use the following in the "Settings" notecard.
Vibe=Amount~Amount to~Remote~Duration in Seconds
eg. Vibe=4000~4000~Remote~240

This is now a temporary attachment the Tip Jar will have to be able to rez it prior to it attaching.
It will also check that the tipper has a spot for it to attach and will wait for 2 mins before it self destructs, if it doesn't get attached.
If this happens it will automatically refund the tip prior to the jar returning to normal operation.